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Run-DMC Wore Adidas Running Shoes, Now You Can Find Them In

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Since 1949, the 'three stripe logo' has been synonymous with Adidas shoes. When it comes to Adidas running shoes you have three sub-brands to choose from, Adidas Originals, Adidas Performance and Adidas Y-3. The Adidas Performance line consi
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Since 1949, the 'three stripe logo' has been synonymous with Adidas shoes. When it comes to Adidas running shoes you have three sub-brands to choose from, Adidas Originals, Adidas Performance and Adidas Y-3. The Adidas Performance line consists of cutting edge products for top of the line athletes. Adidas is the one shoe company with as much street clout as sports clout.

The partnership of Run DMC and Adidas was groundbreaking. Rap was new and it must have felt risky. Russell Simmons asked the Adidas executives to sponsor a concert tour. During the concert a member yelled out 'Rock Your Adidas' and thousands of pair flew into the airthe sponsorship was in the bag.

Whether wearing no laces was a comment on jail life or not that's how Run-DMC, and later the world, wore them.The song 'My Adidas' wasn't written for money, it was written because those were their favorite shoes. It's been over 20 years but Adidas Superstars and Adidas Shell Toes are still linked with hip-hop culture. The partnership between Run-DMC and Adidas led to $1.6 million in endorsements and millions in sales.

Joining Run-DMC in the Adidas endorsement corner are pop queen Katy Perry and hip-hopper B.o.B. In addition to pop culture stars Adidas is proud to support soccer superstars David Beckham and Lionel Messi. Adidas tennis endorsements read like a 'Who's Who' list: Andre Agassi,中国81个机场7月将开通“军人依法优先”通道_凤凰资讯, Steffi Graf,报道中国公民传教遭杀被指为极端分子洗地?媒体回应_凤凰资讯, Anna Kournikova and Roland Garros. However, the most famous character to ever wear Adidas has to be Darth Vader.

If you're going to sponsor a marathon might as well make it the largestAdidas running shoes sponsor the London Marathon. From now for the next eight years Adidas is also the sponsor of Major League Soccer. Always going after the best of the best Adidas' just signed Chicago Bulls guard and MVP Candidate Derrick Rose. The signing of Rose and the tagline 'Adidas is All In' kick off the biggest marketing campaign in Adidas history.

And the newest breakthrough, the Adidas Original Augmented Reality Pack line of sneakers are wearable and playable. Hold the tongue in front of your webcam and your shoes are game controllers walking you through a 3D virtual Adidas neighborhood.Different shoes launch different games, including Star Wars,渥克:房地产泡沫,是中国目前最大的潜在危机_凤凰资讯, Skateboarding and DJ Hero. Just like they did back in the '80s Adidas is still breaking the mold.

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